How To Set Up WP Documentation Lite?

Configure and explore the WP Documentation Lite WordPress Plugin’s features.

  1. Create a New Documentation
  • After activation, you will find a new menu item in your dashboard named “Documentation.
  • Click on Documentation > “Add New” to create your first document.
  • Enter the title of your document and begin adding content in the WordPress editor.
  1. Organizing Documentation
  • The WP Documentation Lite plugin allows you to categorize your documents.
  • Create categories by navigating to Documentation > Categories.
  1. Displaying Documentation on Your Site
  • You can add a link to your documentation from any page, post, or menu item.
  1. Customization
  • The plugin includes options for customizing colors, layouts, and so on. 
  • These options can be found in the plugin’s settings.
  1. Save Changes
  • Save your settings to activate WP Documentation Lite with your preferred options.

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