How to create a custom menu?

You can create your own custom menu in Travel Mates. You can go to Navigation Block on the header Or Simply go to the “Template Editor -> Template Parts” and click on Template Parts with the header to edit the header navigation.
Here are steps to create a Custom Menu:

  • Go to Site Editor
  • Click on Navigation Block on Header from “List View,” then you will find the Navigation toolbar Click on “Select Menu” and “Create on New Menu”
  • Or you can Go to Template Editor -> Template Parts with Menu (Header With Buttons)
  • Click on Select Menu -> Create a New Menu -> Start Empty
  • After clicking on Start Empty, click on Add Block and type the Page you want to add to your custom menu
  • You can add more links and edit link text and menu items by clicking on the “+” sign to add more items to your custom menu
  • Further, you can create sub menus also, just click on the menu item there you will find the icon to create a “Sub Menu” and add items in your sub-menu accordingly
  • To rename your menu, click on the setting icon on the top left of your page. You can also find other advanced features

Note: To avoid confusion, click on List View to edit or select the menu

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