How to set up the Notice Bar Plugin?

Setting up the Notice Bar plugin is quite an easy process…

Notice Bar Settings #

Enable Notice: Activate to display notices on the front end.

Enable Debug Mode: Use uncompressed CSS and JS files for debugging conflicts.

Notice Bar Layout: Clean, simple design for essential information.

How to set up the Notice Bar Plugin?-notice bar settings-wensolutions

Notice Configurations #

  • Notice Type:

Choose the style of your notice:

  • Plain Text
  • Slider
  • News Ticker
  • Social Icons
  • Social Icons Label:
  • Display a label before social icons.
  • Social Icons:

  Configure your social icons:

  • Enable and provide URLs for each social platform.


Enable [✓] URL []

Enable [✓] URL []

Enable [✓] URL []

Enable [✓] URL []

Enable [✓] URL [

How to set up the Notice Bar Plugin?-notice bar configurations-wensolutions

Display Configurations #

  • Notice Bar Position:

Choose where the Notice Bar will appear on your website:

  • [Dropdown Menu: Top, Bottom]
  • Close Action:

Define user interaction when closing the Notice Bar:

  • Pick a background color for your Notice Bar:

Select the perfect color from [Color Picker]

  • Font Color:

Set the font color for your Notice Bar text [Color Picker]

  • Font Size:

Customize your font size for your Notice Bar:

  • Social Icon Styling:

Customize the appearance of social icons:

  • Background Color: 

[Color Picker]

  • Social Icon Hover Background Color: 

[Color Picker]

  • Margin from Bottom or Top:

Control the margin between your notices and the top or bottom of the page.

  • Choose whether to disable the Notice Bar for mobile devices:

[Checkbox: Disable Notice Bar for Mobile Devices]

  • Top Fixed:

Enable to keep the Notice Bar fixed at the top of the page:

How to set up the Notice Bar Plugin?-notice bar display configurations-wensolutionsa

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