How To Set up Demo Bar?

Set up and explore the features of the Demo Bar WordPress plugin

  1. Logo and Colors:
  • Add your logo to the Demo Bar.
  • Choose a background color that suits your site.
  1. Responsive Options:
  • Turn on “Show Responsive” for users to preview your site on different devices.
  1. Download Button:
  • Activate “Show Purchase” to include a button for users to download content.
  1. Visibility Control:
  • Use “Show Close” to decide when to display or hide the Demo Bar.
  1. Page Selection:
  • Pick the page where you want the Demo Bar to show up.
  1. Adding a New Site:
  • Give a title to the new site.
  • Enter the site URL and customize labels for download links.
  1. Save Changes:
  • Save your settings to make the Demo Bar active with your chosen options.

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