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Looking for a reliable travel plugin for your WordPress website? Look no further than WP Travel plugin.

A free powerful travel engine (available in Pro version with additional features) for making customized travel agency or tour operator websites on WordPress in minutes!

Thinking of creating a travel and tour booking website within minutes, without any hassle of coding and hiring highly paid developers? Get WP Travel Pro and start creating a travel booking website instantly.

Little things can matter when you are about to start a travel blog like using the Best Tour Operator Plugin that allows you to create a travel website within minutes versus spending money on hiring highly paid developers consuming weeks of time

You can explore and test the best travel agency themes and templates to find the one that perfectly aligns with your website. This way, you can ensure your website suits your needs and preferences seamlessly.

WP Travel reviews surpass those of their competitors within their travel niche, earning the trust of over 6000 travel agency business owners

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Why WP Travel for Travel Agency and Tour Booking Website?

1. Limitless Package Creation

WP Travel decided to offer the creation of tour packages with no limits. WP Travel lets you create an unlimited number of tour packages; as many as your server can handle.

Every minute detail that a destination requires to be talked about like trip description, itinerary builder, price, sales price, duration, gallery, packages included/excluded, map and many more can be entered very easily.

2.A painless booking system

Planning a holiday should be fun and should actually help vacationers relax and rewind, just thinking about the trip itself but often times, 

the complexity of planning and bookings usually take away the joy and excitement of planning the much-needed break.

3. Multiple pricing and Multiple dates

At low demand levels, low rates can aid in attracting guests and as the demand increases, so can the prices and an agency’s greatest reward is finding the ideal public pricing that attracts guests and boosts their organization’s bottom line.

To help with this, WP Travel has a feature that allows you to add multiple pricing and multiple dates for a single trip. 

4.Integrated Payment System

Accept and manage all payments securely with WP Travel.

The payable deposits feature provided allows you to accept payments through several payment options. 

5. Coupons

With WP Travel, visitors can not only select the tours they want via an easy-to-use booking channel but

Growing a business can feel like a bit of a marathon. In some cases, it takes months to bring a business up to speed 

and it’s crucial that businesses offer deals and coupon codes as a way to promote business quickly. 

6. Full Data Reporting

WP Travel stands to reason that an agency offering complete holiday solutions needs a website with extensive functionality

7.Tax Options

There are lots of other great features of this plugin worth mentioning. Taxation rules are a sensitive subject that isn’t always addressed by many available Themes/Plugins.

8.Tour filters

The WP Travel plugin is designed for travel agencies and booking companies looking for a unique

and intuitive search function as it provides its users with a fun and creative way to find filter required Itineraries by filtering or using the easy search form.

9.WP Travel Customer Dashboard and Bookings Views

A handy booking system should be central to any good travel website, and this plugin’s customer dashboard helps you take control of your business.

10.Trip Facts

In addition to these client-friendly features, WP Travel tries to make planning a vacation fun with a feature that lets you add trips facts to your trips.

11. Rating & Reviews

It also really helps that this plugin comes equipped with features that allow users to add rating or reviews for each trip (or you can also hide them if they aren’t so helpful).

12.On-Page Booking

It helps every user with the accessibility of the On-Page Booking feature to book in the same one-page session directly without getting redirected to additional multiple pages.

So, as per the travel experts, it has been said that WP Travel is one of the best tour operator software among others. It lets travel business owners create a fully functional travel booking website effectively.