Notice Bar

Notice Bar WordPress plugin by WEN Solutions

Notice Bar is a simple but powerful wordpress plugin that lets you create and display custom notice bars in your wordpress site. 

It is an absolute plugin which enables users to customize their notice bar according to their choices. The plugin is created in such a way that it doesn’t hurt your website SEO health.

The user friendly UI makes it easier for users to navigate. Notice Bar plugin is crafted in such a way it can adjust with any type of website.

It doesn’t compromise with your website speed. It helps you to create visually appealing notices, information and messages to their visitors. With more than 4.5 ratings over wordpress, the notice bar is an absolute choice of website owners.

Why to choose Notice Bar plugin?

Notice bar is one of the most popular plugins with multiple options to create optimized notice bars on wordpress website. It complies with all versions of wordpress updates. 

  • Compatible with any wordpress version ( 4.5 or Higher )
  • Doesn’t hurt your Site SEO health
  • Easy to use
  • Customizable notice option 
  • Speed optimized plugin
  • Provides large configuration options
  • Compatible with any websites
  • Customizable colors options
  • Hide in mobile phones ( small devices )
  • Provide option for user to close notice

Loved by over 1000+ people world wide. Notice bar is an absolute choice for people who wants a better plugin to show custom notice to their visitors.

Features of  Notice Bar plugin

1.Unlimited Notice Creation

Website owners can create unlimited notice to inform their visitor. Notice bar plugin provides an easy to use graphical interface which allows you to navigate easily. It allows you to customize the notices promptly without any delay.

2.Highly Customizable

Notice bars provide seamless features to the website owner which allows you to create the best notices and help you to broadcast any sort of information easily with a few clicks. The plugin is easy to use and its highly customizable feature allows you to create outstanding designs which can stand out in front of any competitors.

3.SEO Optimized

The plugin is crafted in such a way it doesn’t contradict with your existing java script or css. Notice bar is designed in such a way that it complies with all SEO fundamentals and doesn’t hurt your site health overall. Notice bars actually help you to create better and highly optimized notices that actually comply with all norms and policies of search engines as well.

4.Speed Optimized

Notice bar doesn’t compromise with your site speed. The light yet powerful plugin allows site admins to spread their messages, informations to their visitors without sacrificing their website speed. The plugin actually cares about the user experience that’s why it doesn’t hamper over website flow.

5.Large Color Selection Options

The plugin provides a large number of color options to the website owners. It helps to design notices according to the site colors and architecture. The large color option will ultimately help in creating a better and visually appealing infographics which ultimately enhance the user experience.

6.Hide In Mobile or Small Devices

Notice bars provide an easy way for website owners to disable their notices in mobile phones and small devices. You can display the notices to the desired audience segment too.

How to setup a Notice Bar plugin with easy steps?

Website owners can use the notice bar plugin very easily within a few clicks..

Here is the breakdown…

Step 1 : login to your wordpress site

Step 2 : Go to plugins

Notice Bar WordPress plugin by WEN Solutions:

Step 3: Go to search bar and search ‘notice bar’

Notice Bar WordPress plugin by WEN Solutions:

Step 4 : Select notice bar plugin 

( Note : select the plugin which is released by : WEN Solutions

Step 5: Click install now

Notice Bar WordPress plugin by WEN Solutions:

Step 6 : Activate the plugin and enjoy the features of the Notice Bar plugin exclusively.

Notice Bar can be your absolute choice if you are looking for a dynamic plugin which allows you to create enriched and highly appealing notices. The plugin provides a frequent update which allows website owners to cope with the latest changes easily. The seamless features, multiple notices types makes the plugin best of all time.

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