Please read these Terms and Conditions carefully before using our services.

Our Services are subjected to your acceptance and compliance with these Terms. These Terms apply to all our clients for whom we provide our Services. While using our services you agree to be bounded by these Terms. If you disagree with any part of the terms then we may not be liable to provide our Services without further notice.

Theme Review

We always try to differentiate a theme based on standards set by WordPress community itself. Theme review agreement expires immediately after review report is submitted to theme author. We will not be professionally or personally attached with the Theme company/author in any kind of review activities henceforth.

Changing standards

Once we submit the review report of theme(s) to Theme author / company, we are not accountable for any lacks and dearth in our review, in case, if any standards are altered by the WordPress community.

Theme Approval

As mentioned earlier, we always try to match and review the themes based on the standards as declared by WordPress community itself. So, we did not give any sort of assurance that the theme will surely be approved by the authorized WordPress theme reviewing team. Nor, we take part in any leverages to push for this approval.

Plugin development

We always develop custom plugins by using latest functions and methods. However, we are not liable if any function or method gets deprecated later on. However, we try to replace those deprecated functions and methods with the new and latest ones in the next version of the plugin.

Code changes

We may not be responsible for any sort of code modifications and changes in any reviewed themes as well as plugins (developed by us) after our submission. Any code modifications after our submission would not activate the previous agreement of having to review them again.



Theme Support and Plugin Support

Support team will be dedicated to provide response of the ticket within 24 hrs of its posting. Support to be provided by this company on will use its own WordPress member profile to post and response the tickets.

Contact Us

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