8 Best WordPress Travel Booking Plugins in 2024

Do you want to skip the read and get right to my best pick? The Best WordPress Travel Booking WordPress Plugin of 2024 is WP Travel

According to Statista, the global market size of the Travel and Tourism business sector around the world is forecasted at 2,285 Billion US Dollars which is nearly 2.29 Trillion US Dollars.

This means there is a tremendous opportunity to cash in such sectors worldwide.

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WP Travel-Get WP Travel Pro

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So, in this article, I have listed the following list of 8+ Best WordPress Travel Booking Plugins in 2024;

If you want to know, why I have picked these plugins to create an amazing travel website, then keep reading for the information

Best WordPress Travel Booking Plugins in 2024

1. WP Travel– Best WordPress Travel and Tour Operator Plugin

wptravel.io, WP Travel: 8+ Best WordPress Travel  Booking  Plugins in 2024

If you want to skyrocket your travel business revenue and growth to the level of an acme with extraordinary results then, Look no further than the WP Travel Plugin.

WP Travel is the best WordPress travel booking plugin, a free powerful travel engine available in the Pro version (WP Travel Pro) with additional features for making customized, elegant, and SEO-Friendly travel agency or tour operator websites on WordPress within minutes.

You do not need to hire any web developers and programmers to set up your travel websites using the WP Travel plugin.

Unlimited Tour Packages

You can effortlessly generate an extensive array of tour packages, limited only by your server’s capacity to store them.

You have the flexibility to input all essential trip information, including descriptions, itinerary construction, pricing, discounted rates, duration, image galleries, inclusions and exclusions, maps, and a plethora of other details.

This functionality empowers us to craft a top-tier travel agency website.

Travel themes that seamlessly work with WP Travel

There are a number of stunning and SEO-friendly travel themes that conjunct seamlessly with WP Travel like Travel Joy, Travel Log, Travel Gem, Travel Store, etc. which are precisely compatible with the WP Travel plugin.

WP Travel Features

  • On-Page Booking
  • Travel Guide
  • Android App and PWA Mobile App
  • Travel Site Ready-Fully Functional
  • Full Data Reporting
  • Global Payment Processing
  • Translation Ready
  • FAQs and Itinerary Timeline
  • Multiple Pricing and Multiple Dates
  • Trip Extras
  • Trip Facts
  • Coupons
  • Google Maps-Zoom Level Settings

How to install WP Travel Pro and Activate License? 

How to install WP Travel Pro and Activate License? 

WP Travel PRO: Pricing

WP Travel comes with a Free version and a Pro version.

PlansFeatures and Pricing
1. Free PlanGet product access for Lifetime, Limited features (Free)
2. Personal PlanAccess premium product features, updates & support for 1 Website ($99.99/year)
3. Plus PlanAccess premium product features, updates & support for 5 Websites($199.99/year)
4. Expert PlanAccess premium product features, updates & support for 25 Websites($599.99/year)

2. WP Travel Gutenberg Blocks

wp travel gutenberg blocks, wptravel.io, WP Travel: 8+ Best WordPress Travel  Booking  Plugins in 2024

WP Travel Gutenberg Blocks is a free plugin that integrates seamlessly with an Ultimate Tour Operator Plugin WP Travel

It helps to display your trips and tour packages just the way you want. Along with the above features, this plugin can handle components such as text, images, buttons, and tables.

You can create visually appealing and interactive pages with this free WP Travel Gutenberg Blocks plugin for travel websites.

The plugin comes with a collection of ready-to-use custom blocks that can be used to design different travel pages. 

Built with simplicity in mind, you can select multiple layouts without touching a single line of code.

WP Travel Blocks Features

  • Slider
  • Trip List
  • Trip Filters
  • Breadcrumb
  • Trip Slider
  • Icon Picker

WP Travel Gutenberg Blocks Pricing

Get WP Travel Gutenberg Blocks absolutely for Free.

3. Travel payouts

travelpayouts: 8+ Best WordPress Travel  Booking  Plugins in 2024

Travel Payouts is another WordPress travel plugin that is simple and easy to use.

It allows the users to use features like a Hotel widget, popular flight destination widget and low-cost flights, hotel maps.

Similarly, it allows the users to use search forms, and 11 different customizable tables to showcase and display the number of trips you want to display to users.

Travel Payouts Features:

  • Search Forms
  • 11 Different Customizable Tables
  • Low-cost Flights and Hotels Map
  • Hotel Widget
  • Popular Flight Destination Widget

Travel Payouts Pricing

Travel Payouts is a free plugin. However, you need to sign up and log in with an account

4. Yatra

yatra: 8+ Best WordPress Travel  Booking  Plugins in 2024

Yatra is also a travel booking WordPress Plugin which helps you to create travel and tour websites with proper customizations

It allows travel website owners to create flexible and dynamic pricing with pricing labels, dynamic front-end tabs, and create inquiry forms with an easy and smart booking process.

Yatra Features:

  • Easy & Smart booking process
  • Flexible/Dynamic Pricing with pricing label
  • Dynamic frontend tabs
  • Availability calendar with dynamic day-wise pricing
  • Booking Calendar
  • Enquiry form

WP Hotel Booking Pricing

Yatra is a free WordPress plugin and also offers premium plans as well.

5. WP Travel Engine

wp travel engine: 8+ Best WordPress Travel  Booking  Plugins in 2024

WP Travel Engine is another WordPress plugin tool for creating your travel websites packed with complete bookings and trip features.

It allows users easy payment processing, a progress bar, a proper inquiry form, advanced trip search, and a filter with precise booking email notifications.

WP Travel Engine Features:

  • Advanced Trip Search and Filter
  • Smart Travel Booking Process
  • Payment Processing
  • Progress Bar
  • Inquiry Form
  • Booking Email Notification

WP Travel Engine Pricing:

WP Travel Engine is a free plugin, however, you need to pay for the premium plans they are offering.

6. WP Hotel Booking

wp hotel booking

WP Hotel Booking is a complete hotel booking for WordPress allowing users to book any range of hotels with ease showcasing the respective prices along with coupons effectively.

It also allows the hotel website owners to manage the coupons, customers, bookings, rooms, etc. precisely.

WP Hotel Booking Features:

  • Room Management
  • Bookings Management
  • Customer Management
  • Coupon Management
  • Complete Hotel Booking System

WP Hotel Booking Pricing

WP Hotel Booking is a free WordPress plugin, however, you need to buy themes that are premium.

7. Woo tour

woo tour

WooTours is WordPress a plugin that helps you create tours, Travel, Appointments, and Events

and manage all your online Booking systems easily with the order system and any payment of WooCommerce.

Allow visitors to register an account and book online.

Woo Tour Features:

  • Booking system by WooCommerce
  • Create tours, travel, and events
  • Review and coupon system
  • Email notifications
  • User Management system

WooTour Pricing:

WooTour is a premium plugin tool which costs $49

8. Tour Master

tour master

Tour Master is a premium WordPress plugin that comes with the most complete tour & room booking management system.

This plugin is specially designed for tour operators, tour packages, travel agencies, travel ticket sellers, transportation tickets, hotels, resorts, and much more.

The system is integrated with plenty of necessary features. 

Tour Master Features:

  • Flexible pricing options
  • Create coupon code
  • Great design booking bar
  • Customer dashboard
  • Feasible Payment processing

Tour Master Pricing:

Tour Master is a premium plugin tool which costs $45

9. Tourfic


 Tourific is a Hotel Booking and Travel Booking WordPress plugin that can help you develop a hotel booking website and travel booking website effortlessly

It consists of the basic to advanced options that help you create your next WordPress Hotel or Travel website:

Tourfic Features:

  • Set room price per Room
  • Hotel Photo Gallery
  • Features, FAQs, and Terms & Conditions per Room
  • Room availability check based on Ajax
  • Dedicated Customer Review System (See the Review section for breakdown)

Tour Master Pricing:

Tour Master is a free plugin, however, you need to pay for the premium plans they are offering.


So, last but not least, We recommend you use WP Travel which is the best WordPress travel booking plugin, and top tour operator software to create your complete, elegant, and SEO-Friendly tour and travel website within minutes(no codings required)

Well, if you have any queries related to travel plugins, then feel free to comment down below.

We can’t wait to answer all of your doubts or questions if you have any.

Get WP Travel Pro and start creating your travel and tour booking website within minutes without any hassle of coding.