Theme Palace is a platform where you can explore amazing themes developed by different popular premium theme authors with experienced design concepts.

Theme Palace accepts the products after it is passed through series of testings. Theme has to be free from any security risks and vulnerabilities. Here, the review experts at WEN Solutions would first review your theme and/or plugin in-depth against WordPress standard coding guidelines and security risks before it is completely ready to sell it in Theme Palace.

Please find the requirement details and overview of our Theme Review process from WEN Solutions.

Workflow :

We start reviewing your theme, initial review takes about 7 working days.

We recommend working with you from BIT BUCKET . We will post the reviews tickets in bitbucket !

Here are the general flow of review process

  1. Upload your project in Give ‘read‘ access for ‘wsreviewer‘ and let us know.
  2. We will be review your theme against Theme Review standards and best coding practices.
  3. Unit testing with security tests will be done for Review Type = ‘ Detail ‘. Whereas security testing will be done for Review Type = ‘Basic‘.
  4. We will assign you the tickets.
  5. You will then solve all issues.
  6. You will then re-assign to ‘Theme Review’.
  7. After you are done we will re-verify your tickets and feedback / set the ticket status accordingly.
  8. It is better to log your changes in changelog.
  9. We will repeat these steps above until we find no issues and ready for approval.
  10. We approve.

Review Charge (one-time per theme review)

Theme unit testing / quality check : Rs 5000 /-


Theme documentation : Rs 5000 /- [OPTIONAL] ** ( per theme)

** You can prepare theme documentation in yourself based on Theme Palace standard. However, you do not have an access to publish it directly in Theme Palace. Therefore, you should submit your documentation file to us for entry in Theme Palace.

Cost for this cause will be Rs 2000/- only .

Additional requirements to have your theme publish in Theme Palace

Additional info required after your theme is ‘ approved ‘ by WEN Solutions

  1. theme zip file e.g. [ biography-pro.1.1]
  2. plugin zip file (if exists) Note : rename your plugin folder with suitable naming
  3. Theme Images:-
    – 800 X 600 PX screenshot for slider (Check out at
    – 800 X 600 PX screenshot for theme descriptions page (Check out at
  4. Features list and Product descriptions
  5. Product price
  6. Demo Link
  7. Theme Description
  8. Free / Pro theme URL
  9. Comparison table (if free theme exists)

Contact us if you need any further information or for any queries.

Disclaimer :

Whilst every attempt is made to ensure that information is accurate and up-to-date, some information is subject to change. The company will not be held liable for information that is subject to change and reserves the right to alter the content of the external website at any time.