Code and Product Review


As a WordPress developer, a common problem that we all face is to check if the product is ready to go live and if it is ready to be accepted on WordPress community and whether it is as standardized as the community requires it to be.
The product submission process on is quite long and time consuming and if after all the waiting and the hard word you have put through, the product is rejected due to failure in maintenance of standard set by the WordPress community can be kind of frustrating and heart breaking. WEN Solutions is here to solve your problem of making the product ready for community review.

We have highly trained and professional developers at WEN Solutions who have specialized on the field of product reviewing which includes finding out bugs on the product, providing suggestions for maintaining code standard, functionality testing, threat modeling and making the product overall ready for deployment with experience of reviewing more than five hundred successful products we are one of the best on the field of product reviewing.


Sometimes you will have to see you work through our eyes to see what you are missing.