Notice Bar Pro is simple but powerful plugin to create and display custom notice bars in WordPress websites. The plugin is not limited to only simple text notices but also there are other 7 types of notices which provides user the flexibility to show flexible information like social icons, twitter tweets, sliding messages, tickers, interactive subscription form and more.

Awesome Features ! 

  • Multiple Notice bars.
  • Multiple positions for Notice bars.
  • Notice bar division in 3 sections.
  • Varieties of configurations for each sections like width, color etc.
  • Enable/Disable option for each sections.
  • Mobile hide/unhide option for each sections.
  • Total 8 types of Notice bars.
  • Multiple close actions with cookie timer.
  • Number of font family.
  • Color options like anchor link, font color, anchor hover etc
  • Scheduling option for Notice bars.
  • Animations in plain text Notice.
  • Multiple animation options for text slider.
  • Subscription form with subscribers list.
  • Twitter tweets with number of tweets and profile picture hide/unhide option.
  • Sliding news ticker with multiple configurations.
  • Page display control for individual Notice bars
  • Separate settings page with debug mode enable/disable option.
  • Nearly dozen of social icons with varieties of configurations for each icon.
  • Notice bar hide option for mobile.
  • Call to action.
  • Shortcodes support.

User Friendly Settings

With over 40+ different configurable options, display your content in beautiful way! Come tell your own stories in no time!u00a0
Works great on any device (Desktop, Tablet, Mobile).

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