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Category Slider

1. From the Customize section, go to Travelstore Settings.
2. From Travelstore Settings, you will see Category Slider Option.
3. In Category Slider Option you will see:

  • Enable Section?: This option allows you to enable/disables the category slider section.
  • Title: This option allows you to add a title or edit the title.
  • Number of Items: This option allows you to add a number for showing how many posts or trips to show.
  • Taxonomy: There are Three available options which you can choose according to your requirement.
    1. Category
    2. Trip Locations
    3. Trip Types
    4. Trip Activities

Note: Option 2, 3 and 4 i.e.  Trip Locations, Trip Types and Trip Activities will appear in the dropdown option only after activation of WP Travel Plugin which is recommended by the theme.

Front End:

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