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Image Size

In the recent version of the Travel log , we have used the medium size image for homepage section except the slider section .

If you did not get the proper image or the image being pixelated / Blur try updating your desired image size in your WordPress Dashboard > Settings > Media > Image Sizes > Thumbnail Size. 

Info : The standard image size that is recommended to use in Homepage section is 600 x 600 px .

Also after uploading the image of required size please regenerate the image size using the plugins given below :

Also if you would like to customize the image size by yourself then, theme has provided the hook which you can use to customize the image size .

The Filter Hook are listed below:

Filter hook to control the image in Home page section :


Example : To change the image size in Latest Blog post

function travel_log_child_post_image_size(){
	return 'thumbnail';

Example : To change the image size in post filter section :

function travel_log_child_post_thumbnail_size(){
	return 'full';


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