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Recommended Posts Section

1. From Customize section, go to Homepage Sections Options.
2. From Homepage Sections Options, you will see Recommended Posts Section Options.
3. In Recommended Posts Section you will see:

  • Enable Section: It allows to enable/disable the Recommended Posts Section.
  • Title: It allows to change of the title of the section.
  • Sub Title: It allows to change the subtitle of the section.
  • Content-Type: There are two available options which you can choose according to your requirement.
    1. Post Categories
    2. Recommended Itinerary’s

Options 1: When Post Categories is selected as content type you will find following option:

  • Select Category: This option will enable the choose the category to be displayed.
  • Click the “Save & Publish” button to save changes.

Note: Option 2  i.e.  Recommended itineraries will appear in the dropdown option only after activation of WP Travel Plugin which is recommended by the theme.

Options 2: When Recommended Itinerary’s  is selected as content type then those Itinerary which is marked as featured will be displayed at the front end in Recommended section


  • Click “Save & Publish” button to save changes.

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