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Itinerary Search Section

When WP Travel plugin is activated which is recommended by the theme itself , a new section will appear in Home Page section i.e. Itinerary Search Section . After enabling the section it will appear just below the slider .

1. From Customize section, go to Homepage Sections Options.
2. From Homepage Sections Options, you will see Itinerary Search Options.
3. In Itinerary Search Options you will see:

  • Enable Section: This option allow you to enable /disable Itinerary Search Section .
  • Title : This option allow you to change the title of the section .
  • Sub Title: This option allow you to change Subtitle for the itinerary search section.

You can search the itinerary using the keyboard . You can also search the itinerary by mentioning Trip Type, Trip Location .

Note : If the Keyword or trip type or  location does not match  then it will leads to 404 page .

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