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Itinerary Search Section

When WP Travel plugin is activated which is recommended by the theme itself , a new section will appear in Home Page section i.e. Itinerary Search Section . After enabling the section it will appear just below the slider .

1. From Customize section, go to Homepage Sections Options.
2. From Homepage Sections Options, you will see Itinerary Search Options.
3. In Itinerary Search Options you will see:

  • Enable Section: This option allow you to enable /disable Itinerary Search Section .
  • Title : This option allow you to change the title of the section .
  • Sub Title: This option allow you to change Subtitle for the itinerary search section.

You can search the itinerary using the keyword. You can also search the itinerary by selecting Trip Type, Trip Location.


Note : If the Keyword or trip type or  location does not match  then it will leads to 404 page .

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